Visual Narrative – Possible Script (UPDATED)

I’ve got two working ‘scripts’ for my Visual Narrative project. I haven’t decided which one I’ll pursue for the final piece, so I’ll post them both here for now.

SITUATION: A post-apocalyptic wanderer wanders the wastes.
CONFLICT: The wanderer needs shelter from the acid rain.
RESOLUTION: They find shelter in an abandoned building.
DENOUEMENT: The wanderer finds a toy very much like the one they had as a child, before the war, and then keeps the toy.

WHY did the wanderer have a toy hanging from their dirty, overstuffed pack?
BECAUSE they needed shelter when it had started to rain acid.
THEREFORE they went into an abandoned building nearby.
IRONICALLY they found a toy very much like the one they had as a child before the war.

  1. TITLE PAGE [Apocalyptic wasteland landscape]
  2. Wanderer wandering in wasteland, clouds gathering in the distance.
  3. Starts to (acid) rain // The drops burn the wanderer’s clothes.
  4. Wanderer runs for a building for shelter // Closeup on building’s entry says “TOY Co.” although damaged.
  5. Wanderer relaxes against a wall, surrounded by rubble. // Close up on face // Same close up, looking down to the left.
  6. Sees toy in the rubble // Wanderer’s face with ‘realization’ expression.
  7. Wanderer as child with same toy [clean] // Wanderer with toy [dirty]
  8. [SCENE CHANGE] Wanderer wanders wasteland with toy clipped to pack. Puddles on the ground signify the rain has passed.

SITUATION: Kid loves meat; Burger, nuggets, etc.
CONFLICT: Realizes meat is animals.
RESOLUTION: Does not eat meat.
DENOUEMENT: Everyone else still eats meat and doesn’t care.

WHY did the kid stop eating meat? BECAUSE she realized animals are food. THEREFORE she stopped eating meat. IRONICALLY her family still eats meat.

  1. TITLE PAGE [shows main character, child]
  2. Child eating chicken nuggets with enthusiasm // Sees a chicken.
  3. Child eating hamburger with less enthusiasm // Sees a cow.
  4. Child eating fish sticks with disinterest // sees a fish.
  5. Close-ups in tri-panel: Nuggets with feathers // Hamburger with hooves // Fish sticks with tails.
  6. Child at dinner table w/ meat and vegetables available // Visual mental conflict.
  7. Child has a plate of vegetables, grains and legumes. Happy expression.
  8. (Ironically) Zoom-out to show the rest of the table with the family with plates of mostly meat, little veggies, etc.

2 thoughts on “Visual Narrative – Possible Script (UPDATED)

  1. could you break these ideas down in terms of Situation, Conflict, Resolution and Denouement. Please refer to the project description, there’s also demonstration of it in the lecture (linked from tutorials page). The simple narrative breakdown will help you decide both which ‘script’ is stronger and help you prioritize what images you’ll need to construct to visually tell your selected narrative. thanks


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