Visual Narrative Exercise


In a group of four, we pooled our Toast comic panels to create a larger narrative, containing one of each of the six different types of transitions.

Panel 1 – 3: Aspect to Aspect + Non-Sequitor. The landscape and close-up on a set of eyes. Morning has come. A toast chess board… the mental problem solving of what to eat for breakfast.

Panel 4: Action to Action, literally the action of putting toast into a toaster and pushing the lever down.

Panel 5: Moment to Moment + Subject to Subject. Waiting for the toast, as the seconds go by, the toast not being toasted fast enough. Aggravation sets in. Moment to moment on the character’s face and the toaster, as individual panels. Subject to Subject as it switches back and forth between the character and the toaster.

Panel 6 – 7: Action to Action again. The frustration with the toaster being too much, grasping the device between their hands and throwing it to the ground!

Panel 7 – 8: Scene to Scene. From throwing the toaster to the ground and it’s final resting place in the trash can. Time is assumed to have passed and the toaster is forgotten.

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