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So, here’s the final result of my Visual Narrative piece. Constructing a comic completely in Adobe Illustrator has been a huge challenge for me, and I’m thankful that I was at least able to do my sketches in my own medium. From page 1 to 8, there is a huge difference in style and completion. They transition from rudimentary to fine tuned fairly quickly as I learned what worked best for the look I was going for, and as I became more adjusted to the tools required of me.

I knew ahead of time that Copy/Paste was going to be the greatest asset in this project, and it was used extensively with the character’s hair, rubble, and rain. I also used it to copy entire frames so tweet them slightly.

I initially complained about how restricting using the Pen Tool was, but really, once I got the hang of it I was able to use it quickly and effectively. Granted, I wasn’t able to get the exact look I was going for initially, I was still able to get a good look.

If I had another week or so on this project, I would have liked to re-do page 1 and 2, and go in and add shading by taking advantage of the transparency function, and the multiply option.




2 thoughts on “Visual Narrative – Final

  1. It is a review of your work:

    *About visual design*
    Your techniques of Illustrator is wonderful and very detailed. Textures are well used many times and it helps to give further information to each panel. As you said in your post, the copy&paste is also used so effectively. Thanks to it, the many time-consumed objects can be repeated easily, and I think it is one of the most helpful for you to shorten a work time. And also I would like to mention a construction of panels. You used a zoom-in technique in some panels. I think it is good way to make people pay attention to what you wanted them to do so. However, you are likely to divide panels too much, I feel. It is true that dividing panels gains the places to explain what is happen, but it also decrease a dynamics of images.

    *About time design*
    As discussed previously, you effectively used zoom-in effects and repeating images. Your detailed images helps to explain situation well and we can know what is happen in this world. However, the resolution is a little weak in this story, I think. Because of the featured themes, It is true that taking a strong resolution is difficult. I don’t know how to fix it in this project, but, in my opinion, there is a room for improvement. It is a review in the class so I wrote things like criticizing, but basically your time design is great and the story must catch the heart of readers.


  2. The message of the narrative is clear, easy to understand and very emotional. The facial expressions of the character are really good and they are helping to express the messages that the author would like to transmit. The shadows, landscapes, colors, and all the elements that she used to create the narrative are very helpful to compose the scenes, and well done.
    She explored the types of transition, what is great. For example, “moment-to-moment” with the movement of the eyes of the character; and “action-to-action” while taking the toy; among others.
    In the third panel she used “sss…” maybe to express the sound of the droplets in the coat, but I am not sure about this. It is clear to understand the scene without using this interjection, I think.
    The landscape with the character walking make the Situation clear to be understood. The conflict happens when started raining and Hellen had to find a place to stay. The resolution, she finding an object that remembers her to her childhood, is a good composition of scenes. And the denouement is good showed, she got strength to continue walking with that remembrance attached to her. All the scenes are clear.
    Personally, I think that there are no areas that could be more strongly emphasized to help structure this narrative.
    It was a really good job.

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