Hitting the Catwalk


In between part C & D of the current project, I took it upon myself to explore the new animation tools in Photoshop. I’m actually familiar with Keyframes and Tweening–I used to goof around with Flash Animator back in the day. So these concepts are not alien to me, and once I realized this it became easier to do a simple animation. However, I don’t think that Photoshop has the Morph feature that Flash had, allowing one shape to morph into another (as seen in many of the rudimentary Flash animations on the Internet in the early 2000’s).

This gif was just a test and a warmup. I think it relates slightly to part D, since we have to do some kind of a walk sequence. I had the background move as well, remembering the painted-slide technique used in classical animations such as Bambi by Disney.

…and then we watched the video I was just mentioned later in class. I swear I’m not psychic.


And here’s one with smoke, in order to experiment with opacity changes.


And another one with additional animation at the end, including style/transform changes.

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