Forest Scene

Scene #1 contains moving layers, and layers that fade in and out, as well as a stationary layer in the far background to create depth.

Scene #2 is with the same concept as #1, except with the trees warped slightly to give depth. The samurai was created in a separate file to have the static effect, and then he was imported into the file.

Scene #3 is essentially a copy of scene #1, except the man is perceived to not be moving; and the camera is moving around him.

Some images from alternative source. 

Background art by me. 

One thought on “Forest Scene

  1. Great work with layered complexity visually and kinetically, in service of this scene. The isolation, frame within framing to create/emphasize a close up is effective. Credits should be within the video, you can use the type tool to create them, place them on a layer above. Attribution is unnecessarily cryptic


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