Final Animation – Palette



Featuring: Evan, Lucas and Kerstin

Color Palette: Browns, Greens, Blues (and accent colors).

Shape Palette: ‘Organic’ shapes (Leaves, flower, rocks, swirls/vines), ‘Industrial’ shapes (buildings, hard lines, etc.)

Our full animation will have an abstract narrative, and will progress from peace, to chaos, to peace once again. The intro (Kerstin) will consist primarily of soothing color tones and vines, with accent leaves and flowers, as well some of the industrial shapes. This portion will feature soothing sounds of chimes and ukelele, and will softly fade to quiet and the imagery will fade to white, giving the feeling of cleanliness and calm.

With a BANG(!), the next sequence (Lucas) will erupt with layered, claustrophobic sounds, with the industrial shapes building up on top of each other, falling over each other, and crumbling. This segment will mostly feature the industrial shapes, but will be accented by swirls and the other organic shapes. The chaos will break itself down, and then build itself back into a crescendo and suddenly in black and silence.

The closing sequence (Evan) will fade in from the black with prominent sounds of wind and chimes, and the organic shapes playing dominantly. It will play on the concepts of regained peace and tranquility after chaos and war. The industrial shapes will be featured here as well, but as a minor part, becoming obscured by the organic shapes.

The final sequence will blur into obscurity and credits will roll.

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