Talking Heads Deux


I was a little confused by the prompt for the second study, so I hope I met the requirements?

I took 4 screenshots of the original gif and glitched them by following the steps outlined here. It took a few tries to finally get some results, but my perseverance got me through to the end. I used those four glitched screen grabs and worked them into the existing gif. I altered some colors and embellished the head. Overall I gave the gif a rather spooky feel, like something you’d see in a movie.

One thought on “Talking Heads Deux

  1. yes, this looks great. The gltich technique is highly non-normative approach to digital imaging, it requires trial and error and creative problem-solving as well as thoughtful implementation within a set of more usual tools and strategies. All of which is wonderfully exhibited here in your gif!


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